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Your car, truck, or SUV handles smoothly around every turn when it has a fully-operational front or rear-end differential. The purpose of the differential is to make sure wheels are rotating at the appropriate speeds around every turn. TransMedics in Raleigh, NC keeps your vehicle’s differential serviced thoroughly and makes sure all gear components are connected properly and distributing adequate power from the engine and transmission. Our complete mastery of drive shaft maintenance service includes secure connections to pinion gears, ring gears, and differential gears. We make sure all of these components are working in sync. We keep gears working in unison to make sure axles are always turning at the appropriate speeds. For your vehicle’s efficiency and productivity, you need TransMedics to keep all gear ratios giving enough power to the wheels. Depending on your vehicle, it can be customized to the necessary axle ratio for your vehicle’s purpose (e.g. heavy towing and hauling).

Differentials may be one of the more difficult vehicle components to understand. Good thing TransMedics is here to take care of it all for you. Our goal is to make sure you never have to worry about your vehicle’s differential repairs or maintenance. However, we’re happy to take you through every step of your vehicle’s differential service. As soon as you notice the symptoms of a problem differential bring your vehicle to our experts. The warning signs of a differential issue are usually audible. Strange sounds will accompany a damaged differential. The whining sound that you hear when you accelerate is caused by worn gears or an improper gear set-up. If you’re hearing a consistent “clunking” sound when you drive, then the probably have broken gears that need to be repaired or replaced. Any rumbling around corners and turns usually means your vehicle has bad wheel bearings. There are many signs to look out for, and we have the repair solutions to fix them all. Trust our team to provide you with the this area’s best quality differential repairs, servicing a variety of differential designs.

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We’re experts at keeping your vehicle operating at peak performance. TransMedics use the industry’s latest tools and technologies to service your entire transmission and driveshaft system. Our team knows how to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Whether your vehicle is used for carrying loads, or for daily carpools, we know how to make sure it’s at peak performance. Give us a call today at 919-954-8699 to schedule your next differential repair service. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system. We’ll take care of your vehicle’s differential maintenance and repair needs. Next time you’re in the area, stop on by to meet our specialists. We look forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle!