Raleigh, NC Tune-Ups for Cars, Trucks & SUVs Services, offered by Transmedics

Raleigh, NC Tune-Ups for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

There’s nothing more painful than being hit with a repair bill for your car that you didn’t see coming — especially when that large malfunction could have been detected before it ballooned into a sizable problem.

Want to know the best way to protect your car against costly and unexpected repair bills? Take it to TransMedics for scheduled tune-ups and preventative maintenance services on a regular basis — your wallet will thank you!

Car Preventative Maintenance in North Raleigh

Not only are our tune-ups affordable, they will save you money over the life of your car. Vehicle owners who visit TransMedics in Raleigh for regular tunes-ups get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Better Gas Mileage – Why better gas mileage? Improvements in automotive technology are made practically every day. Tune-ups allow car owners to enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology, replacing old, worn-down parts with brand new components, such as spark plugs.
  2. Higher Resale Value – When the time comes to sell your vehicle, a car with a long history of preventative maintenance services can help you command a higher dollar figure or trade value.
  3. Strong Performance – It’s a fact: cars that are seen by mechanics with regularity perform better than those that don’t — it’s as simple as that.
  4. Warranty Protection – Many times, car manufacturers require tune-ups in order to keep a car under warranty. Ask about how we can help your vehicle stay under warranty!

Commercial Clients: Ask About Tune-Ups for Your Automotive Fleet!

Tune-ups and preventative maintenance work from TransMedics isn’t limited to the individual car owner. TransMedics is also a trusted provider of fleet services to commercial customers.

To find out more information, call our automotive specialists and technicians today at (919) 954-8699, or you may also request more information via our contact form. We are available to customers at our auto shop in Raleigh located at 5120 Old Wake Forest Road.