Transmission Service Experts in Raleigh, NC Services, offered by Transmedics

Transmission Service Experts in Raleigh, NC

While you might not give much thought to your transmission, it plays a vital role in how your car operates. A malfunctioning transmission can leave you without transportation and facing a repair bill. That is why Transmedic is proud to offer Raleigh area drivers with expert transmission service options. Our team of highly trained technicians can help keep your transmission in perfect working order and prolong the life of your vehicle.

At Transmedic, we understand the importance of safe and reliable transportation in your daily life. When it comes to your vehicle, you want to work with professionals that you can trust. With over 10 years of providing transmission services to drivers throughout Raleigh, you can count on us to help you stay up and running when it counts most.

Transmission Service Features

We use the latest technology to provide cutting-edge transmission services. Our “Mitchell-on-Demand” computer system allows us to instantly collect information on the status of your transmission and allow our technicians to quickly make an accurate diagnosis of any problems. 

Your comprehensive transmission service will also include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Test drive
  • Computer scan
  • Fluid and filter change

If additional repairs need to be made, we can remove the transmission, disassemble and inspect all parts and replace broken components and all external seals. This thorough transmission service will help you avoid major problems and help your vehicle operate just like new. 

Start with a Free Diagnostic Check 

You don’t have to worry about making an appointment or paying for a diagnostic check. Simply stop by our location and a technician will be happy to take a look at your vehicle and identify any problems. 

At Transmedic, transmission service is our expertise and excellence is our goal. Call or stop by today and work with the Raleigh area’s most trusted transmission services and repair business.